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Have a basement or garage floor that you’re tired of constantly cleaning? Then you should consider getting epoxy floor coatings installed by Jaworski Coatings Inc. We’re a northeastern Ohio home improvement company that’s been serving homeowners and commercial building owners for the past forty years.

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The epoxy floor coatings service is a great way to preserve the beauty of the floor in places that get dirty the quickest, such as garages and basements. It is very easy to clean and stays clean for long periods of time. Epoxy floor coatings are durable, even when it comes to car oil and treading feet. If you own a commercial building it is especially a great idea to get epoxy floor coatings since many people will walk the halls and stairwells of the building. Cleaning epoxy floors is easy, all they need is a hose down and soap and the results will last for a long time. What’s better than having a nice shiny floor 24-7 that’s easy to maintain?