Log Homes Chinking

What is Chinking?

Are the logs on your cabin becoming loose or are gaining noticeable cracks? Then it’s time to get your log home restored with chinking! Jaworski Coatings Inc is a home improvement company that’s been serving northeastern Ohio for the past four decades. Our chinking services are up to par and will have your log home restored in no time. Chinking will allow your log home to keep moisture out and warmth in during the cold weather months. If you are doing remodeling to your log home, then chinking is also necessary to seal in the joints of the logs.

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Jaworski Coatings Provides Flexible Chinking

There are different colors that you can choose from when deciding to get chinking services for you log home. You can have it blend in with the logs or use different earth tone colors. Chinking is known for being great for restoration projects, so if you are having wood replaced or added, chinking is the way to seal the deal!